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The Positioned, full service. 

The Positioned full service is a custom offering designed to help purpose-driven companies create a legacy of impact through well-researched and intentional uses of leadership brand development, values-based business operations, public relations, reputation management, and crisis communications.

Together, we'll build an Everlasting Brand that leads, influences, and wins over the hearts and minds of your most important people.

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Positioned & Protected

A secure partnership to foster + maintain a brand presence whose character connects with people so profoundly that it withstands any scenario. 

The most effective crisis response is one that is from a well-rehearsed crisis communications plan that was created in anticipation that one day it would be needed to protect the people and the brand it's impacting. Together we'll be identifying likely risks and scenarios, crafting issue management and crisis communications playbook, and that keeps your brand intact. 

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Poised Personal Branding 

You're stepping into a new leadership role, launching a new business, or raising awareness for a cause that is near and dear?

Cultivating a dynamic personal brand that tells a powerful story and creates connection will empower you to confidently lead, influence, and move your mission forward.

Learn how Positioned's custom process will help you identify your authentic personal brand and share it with the world.

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Executive Coaching

You have a mission to achieve, a team to inspire, and credibility to build with key stakeholders.

As a leader, your brand and visibility has never been more crucial for leading, influencing, and developing a profitable, mission-company. 

Let us help you identify and develop a clear vision, impactful message, and value-based actions that are primed to win them over and move your mission forward.

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Positioning Hour

Spending an hour together can be so powerful. Whatever your next objective is needing to identify a strategy and refine your messaging before a media interview, or need an expert's opinion on a possible reputation risk or crisis, I'm here to support you.

Together we'll focus in on solving your challenge and leave the call with clear action items and next steps.

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