Architect a brand that withstands the test of time. 

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communications strategy for high-profile, purpose-driven organizations & people

As a high-profile, purpose-driven executive or team lead, 
you’re on mission to raise the visibility of your company.

BUT—when your eyes are peeled for opportunities to get in the right rooms & land sought-after media spots…

… your whole brand is in the spotlight.

Which puts your reputation, credibility, & entire business viability on the line.

That’s exactly where I come in.

(think culture, staffing, operations—all of it.)

As you well should be! 

Just look at what you’ve built & the impact you’re having on those around you.

At Positioned, we meet at the intersection of business operations & marketing.

As a go-to reputation advisor & proactive crisis communications strategist for high-profile, purpose-driven executives and teams, we’ll safeguard and expand your impact together.
If you’re ready to demonstrate values-based leadership, a whole-hearted mission, people-first communications, AND daily business practices that match your words …

… you’re in the right place.

Get clarity on the tough calls, calm in the chaos:

"Kristin is a true professional and an asset to any organization! She consistently provided expert advisement to leadership on the communication implications of decision-making and policy, which was critical and of significant value. Kristin is a joy to work with and brings a calm, strong, and level-headed presence to every interaction."

- Ruth S. 

It means confidence in putting yourself out there in the world—things will go wrong (they always do), but you’ll be able to navigate the waters & come out on top

It means mission-rooted storytelling that aligns who you are with the message we’re sharing with the world, whether it’s a talk on the big TED stage or podcast interviews lined up on your iCal

It means the brand stands the test of time: your purpose stretches far beyond the limits of the actual product or service—and that’s exactly why people want to work with you

Around here, we call that building an Everlasting Brand—

"PR is a business of trust. You're putting your reputation, future, and, yes, your hard earned money, with someone you may hardly know. Kristin is someone you can trust entirely to be creative, innovative, and to treat your most important brand issues with care."

- Patrick P.  

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The mission—the very thing that drives you—shouldn’t just be embedded in your business’s culture, but the catalyst that’s incorporated into every inch of story that pours from your marketing channels.

Then, we’ll move people to action with power-packed story—from vendors and investors, to employees and publics—so they not only see your credibility, but link arms in your mission.

These days, audiences have access to more of you than they ever have before. If your values aren’t trickling down from your policy to your product, your customers WILL hold you responsible. Because of that, we’ll track through all the possible liabilities, mitigate the risks, and formulate a game-plan that wins trust with your audience.

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The visibility you want … the holistic approach you didn’t know you need.

Here’s how we do it:

I'm Kristin Swenson

As a former CMO with an MBA from a top business school, my 15+ years of experience includes directing crisis communications for prominent brands and leading PR and marketing budgets for $300+ million tech projects. I know firsthand how critical risk assessment is for modern brands, alongside foundational brand-building and visibility efforts.

I will help to position and protect your brand so that you can achieve your greater vision––no matter what comes your way.

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Build a mission-driven brand that the people you need to influence most know and love, all while having an eyes-wide open approach to any internal or external vulnerabilities at play. Let’s work together through my signature 3-pronged method, and applied to your business 

I’m in a pinch & need crisis communication support 

Ah, the public eye—the great equalizer. 

When you find yourself in the line of public fire, I’ll help you build out strategies to protect your business.  

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"I didn't want to be a general practitioner, I wanted to specialize. Working with Kristin allowed me to narrow down my demographic in a meaningful way to serve my clients best. She went above and beyond helping me find what was truly my calling and opened my eyes to marketing tools to position my brand appropriately. It's been a complete 180 in my confidence, brand, and purpose since collaborating with Kristin."

- Jennifer R.  

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