Positioned & Protected

The package 

The most authentic and powerful brands are human. And sometimes, humans make mistakes. And other times? The world around us creates situations that unintentionally impact the environment in which our brand operates. Together we will build a brand that is everlasting.

One of the most significant parts of our collaboration is the intention we put into protecting your business's reputation. Because when you've built something that took so much time and self, you need a partner that knows exactly how important that is and how to keep both you and your brand in a secure position. 

The most effective crisis response is one that is from a well-rehearsed crisis communications plan that was created in anticipation that one day it would be needed to protect the people and the brand it's impacting.

Together we'll be identifying likely risks and scenarios, crafting issue management and crisis communications playbook, and that keeps your brand intact. 

Our goal is to foster + maintain a brand presence whose character connects with people so profoundly that it withstands any scenario. 

Ensuring that your brand’s presence connects with people so deeply that it can withstand any scenario

Brands that want to build an everlasting brands that can withstand reputational crisis

Partner with a Positioned to prepare your organization for a swift and effective response once issues or crises inevitably hit

Brands who have recently experienced issues and crises that need to establish trust and confidence in the hearts and minds of stakeholders

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