Poised Personal Brand Package

The package 

The Poised package is designed for entrepreneurs who are deeply invested in growing strategically and have a powerful drive to achieve their state of entrepreneurial grace.

Within five weeks, we'll work together to create a customized brand strategy book and actionable plan, ensuring that you'll have the tools and resources you need to execute our custom process with confidence.

A streamlined and powerful 5-week collaboration that helps you align + execute your vision.

If you’re looking to build your personal brand to build influence within your field

If you have an upcoming launch or campaign that needs a holistic brand and PR strategy so that your initiative will reach and activate critical stakeholders
If you need an effective strategy and action plan that can be implemented by you or your in-house team

This package works besT:

The Process

.01 Discover

90-minute one-on-one video call where we take an in-depth dive at your company's values along with your financial and repetitional goals and objectives. We'll use this data to develop key performance indicators for your PR campaigns. KPIs will allow us to understand the campaign's effectiveness and make adjustments along the way. Positioned gets to work on research and strategy for all phases.

.02 Position

60-minute session on personas of your current and target customers. Positioned gets to work on developing a brand narrative that sets you apart from the competition, places you in the market's sweet spot, and creates meaningful connections.


60-minute session to assess the possible product and reputational risks. From there, Positioned develops a playbook containing risk management strategies, pre-crisis response plans, active crisis communications handling, and reputation repair.


90-minute sessions to review your custom brand strategy book and execution plan. Once the content is approved, Positioned conducts outreach over 2 weeks. We'll also develop a 6-month content calendar to be used for blog posts, social media, and product placement that you'll receive in your final book. Additional recommended strategics and tacts can be implemented by in-house or Positioned under a full-service contract, which is priced out based on other activities outside of the Poised package.


The highlights

+ Your custom Positioned brand and PR book strategy book
+ One quarterly editorial and pitch calendar 
+ A custom targeted media outreach list
+ Media-friendly deliverables such as a press kit, bios, and pitches
+ 50% off of the Positioned Hour for ongoing support 
+ Options to upgrade to the Positioned Full Service package.