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Redefining PR because women have redefined business.

Here’s the truth: after 15 years in PR— managing crises, building brands, guiding speakers towards the spotlight, securing media placements and acting as CMO for one of the nation's premier research centers, I realized there was one constant in an industry known for being unexpected—Women are here to do incredible things.

We're transforming entrepreneurship. Building incredible brands, leading communities, reaching millions. We're the new generation of leaders. I was awestruck by the potential in female entrepreneurship, connectivity, and purposeful brands, time and time again.

Your stories gave me the courage & confidence to reinvent an industry I knew so deeply in order to recreate it for the businesses you'll build. I imagined your successes, the audiences you'll reach, and the challenges I'll help you navigate with confidence and grace. 

Those plans have inspired a passionate drive in me for helping other women. Amplifying their businesses and protect their brands against anything life throws at them? Now that's a dream worth fighting for.

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kristin Williamson Swenson

PR for $100 m+ projects as CMO of a premier research center

Placement of 100+ stories in media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, & VOX

Reputation & issue management for political campaigns & brand crises

I've led

Personal brands for CEOs, politicians, & professionals

Political communication strategies for dozens of campaigns and government affairs issues

A strategic corporate blog with 2M annual readers

I've built

Fundraising campaigns for issues and non-profits. Personally raising more that $300k

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I've built

I believe women are stronger when we elevate each other.

Can't wait to see what we'll build together

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