Our Process

A Comprehensive Collaboration

With Positioned, you’ll find detailed support, precise planning, and an interactive + strategic process waiting for you. 

We believe that impactful brand leadership and outreach requires care, compassion, and time. It takes a nuanced understanding of public perception and a deep investment in your brand's story. 

Every client receives a customized plan and in me, a fully dedicated partner. In order to ensure that each client receives the utmost care and attention, Positioned only accepts a limited number of clients at a time. 



The discovery phase is an integral part of every partnership. We will openly discuss the most intrinsic building blocks of your business from mission to operations—and connect them with your values, passions, personality, unique experience & expertise. I’ll take a compassionate yet objective and transparent approach and together, we will glean insights that will shape the foundation of all our future strategy sessions- ensuring that they are authentic, intentional, and effective. 


Identifying + placing your brand’s story in its ideal spot in the market by identifying opportunities and key stakeholders, and creating an intentional positioning strategy. We’ll take a deep look at your current target audience and assess the steps we need to execute in order to truly elevate your brand’s place within your niche. I’m here to help you polish your brand story until it shines, develop your KPIs and create a positioning strategy that leaves you feeling confident and excited about the business you’ve built.


Creating conversations that foster connections. Whether we are amplifying your communication strategy to reach your target audience or other stakeholders in your community, every message will be meticulously tailored, strategically placed, and intentionally crafted. With the Positioned approach to pitching, you can be sure that your brand’s voice and uniqueness will never be lost, but rather, strengthened until it is naturally adaptable and ready for every target segment. 


Identifying possible risks, crafting plans to limit impact, and ensuring security for what you’ve built. Our intention is to ensure that your brand’s presence connects with people so deeply that it can withstand any scenario, and one of the most meaningful parts of our collaboration is the care we’ll take in creating strategic safeguards that are tailored to your business. We take a comprehensive approach towards protecting your business and brand reputation, and understand exactly how important that is for long term sustainability. 

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