How to find confidence in your personal brand when it feels out of reach

Finding the confidence to really put yourself out there is what holds so many of us back from reaching our brand and business goals.

We see others in our industry setting themselves apart, earning credibility, and building their communities—leaving us feeling like there’s no room to contribute anything unique or to further grow our brand.

I’m here to tell you that there’s an abundance of room for your voice, and your people are waiting to hear from you.

It’s so easy to get stuck in our heads from overthinking and watching what others are doing that we’re frozen from taking action. Or maybe we tell ourselves that we’re not qualified or exciting enough to take our branding and PR efforts to the next level. We stop telling our brand story, reaching the right people, and ultimately creating the impact we desire.

Developing confidence happens over time. It forms by taking one step at a time through the uncomfortable. But it takes knowing what those steps are.

Here are five steps to building confidence that fuel action and creates a brand that brings your goals to life.

Realize that showing up isn’t about you. When we stop thinking about ourselves and start focusing on those who will benefit from our work and message, we can focus on giving attention rather than taking attention. When we serve others with our knowledge and actions while expecting nothing in return, we not only build credibility, we create the confidence to keep showing up.

Get really clear on your why. Ask yourself what fuels your passion for what you do? Think about the people you’re serving and how you benefit them. Knowing your why and having a clear vision of the impact you want to make will guide you in creating a narrative that feels true.

Recognize your strengths. No one has your same knowledgebase, experience, and perspective. Often we have blinders to our strengths. If you struggle in recognizing them in yourself, reach out to clients and trusted people in your network and ask them to share your strengths with you. It’s time to uncover them and take a look at what sets you apart. 

Create a plan you can stick to. You already have a million things on your plate, and addressing the moment’s needs is holding you back from finding the time to build your brand. It’s okay to admit that you can’t do everything at once. Focus on the activities that will create the most impact and commit to a realistic plan. These actions will help you build momentum and results over time, giving you the confidence to invest more resources in the future.

Log your small wins. We get too caught up in the bustle of everyday work that we don’t stop to recognize the little successes we have along the way. Little wins might be consistently making an effort to show up on social every day, helping a client solve a sticky problem, or learning a new skill. Small wins add up to big wins over time. Keep a list of your little (and big) wins along the way and reference them every time your confidence is waning. 

Building and maintaining confidence isn’t a destination; it’s something we’ll work on for the rest of our lives. 

If you struggle to show up, find your why, create your plan, or see your strengths and wins, I’m here to help walk through these steps with you so that you can confidently build your brand, credibility, and influence.

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Together we’ll solve your challenge, and you’ll leave the call with clear next steps so you can lead and influence confidently.

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