The Art of a Brand Apology

Ever worry about how you would respond if a crisis impacted your personal or company’s brand? While most of us don’t set out to offend or inflict harm on others, the truth is we are all human, and mistakes happen.

This morning I caught a clip of Ellen’s season 18 premiere where she addressed a brand crisis of her own. While she stumbled in her first response this summer, today, she delivered a strong apology from which we can all learn.

Here are seven tips I hope you never have to use!

1) Respond quickly

2) State exactly what you did wrong without any excuses

3) Take full responsibility

4) Say “I’m sorry” free of any buts and ifs

5) Validate the emotions of those you offended

5) Recognize the hurt you caused and your regret

6) Acknowledge the steps you have taken or will take to fix the situation

7) Ask to move forward together

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