Introducing Positioned

Hi everyone! Kristin here.

I’m so incredibly grateful to introduce Positioned to you. I feel like my 15-year career in PR— building brands as a CMO, securing media placement with some of the most prominent outlets, and protecting reputations from crises — has all been leading me to this, has all been leading me to you.

Positioned is a boutique PR and brand positioning agency that is building everlasting brands for women+ facing products, entrepreneurs, and content creators. I created Positioned because I want to support the entrepreneurial spirit that is absolutely thriving today for women. And thriving we are.

  • From 2014-2019 the number of women-owned businesses grew 21% to 13M
  • We generate $1.9T in revenue annually
  • Private tech companies led by women achieve a 35% higher ROI.
  • 85% of online influencers are women and provide $7.65. average media value $1 of  marketing spend

We’re a powerhouse in today’s economy, no matter the obstacle. But there are barriers. Female entrepreneurs report their most significant barriers during the growth phase are market misconceptions and access to networks.  That’s where brand positioning and PR comes in to raise awareness and activate new networks. Can you imagine how strong we will be working on these together? I can.

I decided to build on my experience and create Positioned to bring something new to the table in terms of brand positioning, influencer marketing, and public relations. I knew one thing for sure—the women behind these brands, the ones who will collaborate with Positioned, they’re changing how business is getting done. And they are so much more than just their business. I knew the process that would serve them needed to be just as different—just as modern and purposeful.

After a lot of thinking— a lot of thinking— I designed an interdisciplinary approach that holistically covers what I believe are the core pillars of building + amplifying + protecting your brand. The Positioned 3, (read about them here!) are customized phases meant to work together, build upon each other, and help your everlasting brand stay strong, no matter what.

When I imagined Positioned, I thought about your results and successes. What your journeys mean, and who you are. I thought about what a rock-solid communications plan would mean for you and today’s entrepreneurs and influencers.

I imagined how purpose-driven, modern, and focused brand positioning would look in your market’s sweet spot. I thought about who you wanted to connect with most and how we would reach them. I reflected on what my special brand of public relations could do for the stories you would tell me. I thoughtfully crafted a strategy to protect what you’ve built.

There’s a beauty, I believe, in entrepreneurial grace. It’s something that inspired our core values of connectivity, empowerment, and purposeful work. To me, it’s the state of grace we achieve when we believe in ourselves and our businesses. When we’re calmly confident in our abilities, in the face of adversity, or anyone, or anything.

I’ll be honest — this is not the intricately planned launch this PR girl had planned. Positioned was to launch boldly on March 25 during Women’s History Month. And then our daily lives changed. A celebration was no longer appropriate. We are watching the impact of COVID-19 on our fellow entrepreneurs and their businesses. But this situation is temporary. Brands aren’t. The women behind them aren’t.

Today we launch Positioned with a commitment to serve the entrepreneurs that we believe in and who are being impacted by this crisis. You’ve worked hard to build your business, and for the next 8 weeks, we’ll be offering strategic consulting, pro bono, for those who need it most. Learn more and book your time.

Positioned believes that women are stronger when we support each other and our communities. We believe that connectivity makes us better. That mission-driven entrepreneurs, content creators, influencers, and business owners are unstoppable. That we’re here to stay.

I can’t wait to hear your story. Thank you for listening to mine.

-Kristin Williamson Swenson

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